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a guy called chai

RMIT Design Archives

As part of Melbourne Design Week 2023, the RMIT Design Archives hosted a series of events to mark the first public viewing of works from Clarence Chai, a Singapore-born Melbourne designer who pioneered independent, underground youth fashion in the 1970s and 1980s.

The RMIT Design Archives’ gallery windows showcased the Chai collection with an exhibition inspired by his unconventional design approach and his personalised methods of going beyond the norm to bring innovation.

For the installation, I developed a 3D model of the space to have a better visualisation of the elements we wanted to showcase. This model also served as a virtual tour of the exhibition, which was used to coordinate access and audience engagement during events.

This project was created by Fan Chen, Chenxu Gao, Tanya Gidwani, Jinge (Evelyn) Han, Mudra Patel, Elisabeth Hougaard, Yuting Jiao, Jijia (J.J.) Jin, Siyan Liang, Mengxuan Li, Kin Pan (Hayman) Lo, Muskaan Nagar, Sheereen Perrin, Natasya Rustam, Yanan Tao, Yilun (Sharon) Xiao, Luyang (Lulu) Xu, John Ze Yuan Yin, Ann Carew, Simone Rule, Tim McLeod, Fayen d'Evie and Noel Waite.

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